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Women in Construction
MAP is committed to providing women with the best opportunities for employment in the construction industry. Once you become a member of MAP, we will work to get you before contractors who are hiring. Men and especially women know how difficult it is to secure jobs by knocking on doors or going to construction sites. Though you may want to continue that process, MAP will bring contractors to your door! 

But are you ready for that job interview? If you lack some of the required skills or qualifications, MAP will help to arm you with the tools you will need to properly "sell" yourself during the interview process.

Remember, the construction industry is a rough, tough world. Women who consider entering the industry not only face the barrier of difficult physical work but they are sometimes prevented from entering the workforce due to cultural barriers as well. Despite these barriers, any woman who is up to these challenges should have an unimpeded pathway to any construction position presented to her. MAP is committed to providing just that. Contact us to learn more about this exciting career opportunity, (781) 273-0123.

Organizations that support women considering careers in construction:

 National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) is an international association of women employed in the construction industry which promotes that industry and supports the advancement of women within it. There are two NAWIC Chapters in Massachusetts, the Boston Chapter and the Greater Worcester Chapter

Organizations that support women who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces: 

Women Veterans' Network (WVN) of the Department of Veterans' Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was established in 1997 with the vision of being the central resource for women veterans in Massachusetts. It has a database of 15,000 women veterans who receive a biannual newsletter with information on benefits, programs, career opportunities and events for women veterans. Contact VWVN at (617) 210-5755 or dvswomen{at} 
FMI indicates that 1.5 million craft professionals will be needed in the construction industry by 2014. Where will they find the people to train? Women are the single largest untapped resource for the construction industry today!