Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Why MAP?
Companies will realize a number of benefits from joining the MAP program, including: 

Ability to maintain their own workforce. By providing a "Letter of Intent to Hire" for a labor pool apprentice, companies can ensure they retain their apprentice. 

2. Workload flexibility. Companies can join MAP even if they do not currently have any apprentices. 

3. Trade flexibility. As long as MAP has an active apprentice in a trade, per region, the trade will not be cancelled. 

4. Ratio flexibility. You will not be as restricted by union ratios as you would if you had an individual program. See a MAP representative for more details. 

5. Streamlined administrative process. The Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Standards works directly with ABCMA, not with the individual MAP companies. 

6. One-time grandfathering. Companies that currently have their own apprentice program can be automatically grandfathered into MAP. 

7. Convenience. ABCMA will complete much of the necessary paperwork. 

8. Open shop completion rates will rise. Apprentices cancelled from their apprentice training program during their first year will not be counted against MAP. 

9. Access to talent. MAP will make hiring easier for companies by providing them with a labor pool of trade candidates. 

To become a part of the program, contact MAP at or (781) 273-0123.

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