Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Why MAP?

There are many reasons to choose the Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP), but the theme that runs through all of them is OPPORTUNITY.  For individuals, MAP provides the opportunity to secure a career in the construction industry. MAP provides an opportunity for those with no skills to train and learn in both the field and the classroom.  MAP provides an opportunity for those with experience to get credit for that experience, which reduces the training hours they need to become journey people in their chosen trades. 

MAP provides opportunity for vocational school students to continue training and working in their chosen profession after graduation.  MAP provides opportunity for veterans and National Guard members to transfer and utilize the skills they learned within the service to public sector careers.  Finally, MAP provides an opportunity for individuals, whether changing careers or reevaluating their pathway to college, to enter the construction industry and build a rewarding career for themselves.

For companies, MAP provides the opportunity to augment their hiring process and find qualified candidates from the program’s nine labor pools located across the Commonwealth and in southern New Hampshire. MAP can free human resource personnel or owners from much of the bureaucratic maze of paperwork, thus allowing them to focus on other important responsibilities.

MAP also provides member companies with the opportunity to bid on virtually any public sector prevailing wage job – be it federal, state, local or out-of-state – because the program is registered with the Department of Workforce Development’s Division of Apprentice Standards.

If you are part of a construction firm’s management team, I urge you to talk to member companies and see how you as an individual contractor can be part of the largest registered merit group program in the commonwealth without losing control of your company or your labor force. If you seek a career in construction, talk with some of the many apprentices whose careers MAP is helping to build.