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Telecommunication Technician


Installs, operates, inspects, maintains, repairs and services radios, televisions, videos, recording voice, sound, nurse calls, emergency calls, microwave and visual production and reproduction apparatus, equipment and appliances used for domestic, commercial, educational and entertainment purposes. Performs all installation and erection of equipment, apparatus or appliance, cables and/or wire, emergency power (batteries) and all directly related work which becomes an integral part of the telecommunication and/or telecommunication related systems repair and service maintenance work of telecommunications systems and devices including, but not limited to, Private Branch Exchanges (PBX-PABX), Key equipment and associated devices, PCM, T1, and/or telephone related systems, customer-owned or employer-owned. Performs the installation, repair, maintenance and operation of hold-up alarms, burglar alarms, surveillance systems, CCTV, CATV, card access, and/or any local area network system associated with computer installation.

O*NET Code: 47-9052
DOT Code: 823.281-720
AIMS Code: 0618

Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, also known as telecom technicians, set up and maintain devices or equipment that carry communications signals, connect to telephone lines, or access the Internet.

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Telecommunication Technician or Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers 
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Main Distribution Systems and Equipment Room Construction
Intermediate Distribution Cabling
Intermediate Distribution Termination Locations
Voice Equipment
Grounding, Filtering and General Signal Integrity Assurance

CPU Installation and Termination
Multiplexing Equipment Installation
Patch Panel Interconnect
Installation of Specialized Equipment
Cable Installation and Termination
Hardware Installation and Connection
Device Cable Interconnection


Distribution Equipment Testing and Turnover Procedures
Signal Verification
CPU and Related Equipment Upgrades


TV Transmission
Interior Wiring
Alarms (Fire and Premise)
Public Address
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