Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Selection Process
The following is a summary of the MAP selection procedure: 

1. Selection will be based on the comparative qualifications of all interviewed applicants and in such a manner as to fulfill the Sponsor's Affirmative Action Plan obligation. Specifically, when the Sponsor's affirmative action goals are not met, women and minorities will be given priority status. 

2. When it appears that the affirmative action goals will not be met, the Sponsor will review each factor considered in the selection process, particularly those factors that appears to screen out minorities and women, for actual direct relationship to job performance and make adjustments as the review indicates. 

3. For each applicant reviewed, the final action (selection or non-selection) and the reasons for same shall be recorded on the Interview Follow-up Sheet. 

4. Interviewed applicants not selected for the Apprenticeship program shall be notified, in writing (or by email) of their non-selection, including the reasons for non-selection. 

5. When apprenticeship openings become available, the MAP employer will select candidate(s) in the closest regional labor pool(s) of qualified applicants and MAP shall notify the candidates in writing (or by email) and give the selected candidate(s) the employer's information. 

6. When continuous employment is interrupted the apprentice is expected to continue their related technical instruction and will return to the regional labor pool and be eligible for employer interviews.