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How To Apply for G.I. Bill Benefits
Veterans securing full-time employment in the construction industry with an employer affiliated with the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts' (ABCMA) Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP) must complete the following steps to apply for GI Bill benefits, which can be collected on a monthly basis in addition to full-time wages for the duration of the apprenticeship training program.

IMPORTANT: It will likely take between two and four months to receive your first GI Bill payment as a registered apprentice. Please plan your finances accordingly! 

  1. Be accepted as a participant in MAP.
  2. Secure full-time apprentice-level employment with a construction company affiliated with MAP.
  3. Become a "registered" apprentice; this process is managed by your employer, ABCMA and the Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS). There is quite a bit of paperwork that must be completed during this step. ABCMA will assist you with this process. All registered apprentices receive a state-issued Apprentice Identification Card.
  4. While in the process of registering, a MAP representative will help you complete the G.I. Bill eligibility paperwork. Note: Do not mail paperwork to the VA. All paperwork must be returned to MAP.
  5. It will likely take between two and four months to receive your first retroactive GI Bill benefit payment. Your employer must certify your employment each month for you to continue receiving monthly benefit payments. The employer certification verifies that you have worked a minimum of 120 hours during the preceding month. 
  6. To track the progress of your GI Bill benefit payments complete the following steps:
    • Go to
    • Click on the "View My Status" tab.
    • You will then see "Example of Status Queries" a third of the way down on this page. Look for the "VA Payment History" option. It states you can "Monitor your VA Compensation and Pension, Education, and Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) benefits payments". Click on the "Get a Premium Account" link.
    • You are now on the "DS Logon Account registration Wizard" page. Click the Begin button to create an account. You may need to log in using your "DFAS myPay" account information.
    • Once your account is created, you can track your GI Bill benefit payments.