Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Hiring Process
Once the application process is complete, MAP candidates follow these hiring procedures: 

1.  A potential candidate is admitted to the MAP apprentice labor pool upon obtaining a minimum score of 84 points, which is 60 percent, on his or her interview. 

2. The candidate receives a copy of a Letter of Intent to Hire. 

3. The candidate can contact construction companies directly to inquire about vacancies. If the candidates secures employment, he or she will ask the company to complete the Letter of Intent to Hire and have the document forwarded to MAP.

4. Participating companies will contact MAP with their hiring information: how many positions, how many candidates to interview, company requirements, trade and location of job. MAP will select the candidates that best fit the requirements and will send pdf files for each candidate to the company. The company will interview the candidates they feel qualify.

5. Candidates who receive a job offer and have a signed Letter of Intent to Hire will be removed from the ranking list due to employment.