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GI Bill & Apprenticeship  
Most veterans are aware that GI Bill benefits can assist them in obtaining education and training in a traditional college environment and by attending college in a distance-learning format, but many are unaware that GI Bill benefits can also be collected on a monthly basis, in addition to regular full-time wages, for participation in approved employer-sponsored apprenticeship training programs such as MAP. These programs provide an excellent learning environment for those veterans who prefer to learn on-the-job and either need or want to work full-time.

Thousands of employers nationwide sponsor apprenticeship training programs that enable their employees to obtain nationally-recognized certification in over 1,000 trades and skills that can lead to rewarding careers in industries that stretch across the economic spectrum, to include the construction industry. An apprentice generally enters into a written training contract or agreement, which usually lasts between two and five years, at the conclusion of which the employee attains journey person status.

Collecting monthly GI Bill benefits can greatly enhance a veteran’s ability to participate in and complete apprenticeship training programs. Wages can be low at the beginning of an apprentice program and even though salaries increase as one obtains skills it may be difficult to meet financial needs prior to attaining journey person status, especially if the apprentice is supporting a family or lives in an area of the country with a high cost of living. To help veterans meet these economic challenges, GI Bill payment rates for apprenticeship are higher at the beginning of the training program and decrease over time as the apprentice’s full-time wages increase. 

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