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Floor Layer (Resilient)


Applies blocks, strips, or sheets of shock-absorbing, sound-deadening, or decorative covering to floors, walls, and cabinets: Disconnects and removes obstacles, such as appliances and light fixtures. Sweeps, scrapes, sands, or chips dirt and irregularities from base surfaces, and fills cracks with putty, plaster, or cement grout to form smooth, clean foundation. Measures and cuts covering materials, such as rubber, linoleum or cork tile, and foundation material, such as felt, according to blueprints and sketches, using rule, straightedge, linoleum knife, and snips. Spreads adhesive cement over floor to cement foundation material to floor for sound-deadening, and to prevent covering from wearing at board joints.

Lays out centerlines, guidelines, and borderlines on foundation with chalkline and dividers. Spreads cement on foundation material with serrated trowel. Lays covering on cement, following guidelines, to keep tile courses straight and butts edges of blocks to match patterns and execute designs. Joins sections of sheet covering by overlapping adjoining edges and cutting through both layers with knife to form tight joint. Rolls finished floor to smooth it and press cement into base and covering. May soften area of floor covering with butane torch to fit materials around irregular surfaces. May lay carpet. 

O*NET Code: 47-2030
DOT Code: 864.481.010

Responsible for laying floor coverings in establishments such as buildings, restaurants, homes, offices, ad factories. Uses various materials, including laminate, linoleum, vinyl, cork, rubber, cement, carpet, wood, or tile.

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Floor Layer (Resilient)
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Handling of materials conventional carpet,
       high density foam backed, rubber-backed,
       padding, and other
urface preparation wood, concrete, walls, other
Layout estimating/planning, workroom, job site,
       patterned, non-patterned, other
Seaming preparation/methods, thermoplastic
        (heat) sewing, wet, other
Installation of padding stapling, gluing, taping,
Installation of fastening devices
Installation of carpet conventional (stretching),
       glue down, taping , other
Finishing metals/vinyls, base, other
Special installations walls, ceilings, furniture,
Stair installations straight, winders, floating, other
Safety removal, existing materials, adhesives,
       power equipment, and hand tools
Tool and equipment maintenance
General maintenance and repairing

Hard Surface
Handling of materials sheet goods, tile, 
      underlayment, other
Surface preparation wood, concrete, walls, drywall,
       plaster, other
Layout sheet goods, non-patterned, pattern
       matching custom insets, tiles, square installation
       diagonal patterns, other
Fitting material knifing, direct scribing, pattern
        scribing, other
Methods of applications adhesives, stapling,
       taping, nailing, other
Installation of fastening devices
Seaming methods double cutting, under scribing,
Finishing cove base, base shoe, metals/vinyls, other
Miscellaneous stairs, treads, risers, stringers,
       walls, other
Safety adhesives; removal, existing materials,
       asbestos-backed, other; power equipment and
       hand tools
 Care and use of tools, equipment, tool
General maintenance and repairs
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