Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

Recognizing the needs for skilled craft professionals in the construction industry, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts established the Merit Apprenticeship Program in 2011. MAP serves a training coalition of merit shop contractors to be used by its sponsoring employers as a local apprenticeship program. The approval of MAP enables open shop contractors to compete on a level playing field with union firms for public sector construction projects. Open shop companies participating in MAP will fulfill the apprenticeship requirements for all prevailing wage work and be able to access a ready source of labor for all jobs. Apprentices in the MAP labor pool are more likely to remain employed full-time and as a result are more likely to complete their apprenticeship training programs and attain journey-level certification in their chosen trades.

Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts (ABCMA) 

ABCMA is part of a national association consisting of 75 chapters representing 23,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms with nearly two million employees. ABCMA's membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry. ABCMA is the largest construction trade association in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, representing over 425 local general contractor, subcontractor, supplier and associate companies. These companies employ more than 24,000 workers throughout Massachusetts.

ABCMA has spent the last 40 years fulfilling its founder's mission of promoting and advancing the merit construction industry along with the principle of free enterprise. ABC member companies subscribe to the merit construction philosophy that all construction contracts, both public and private, should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, regardless of labor affiliation. Through full and open competition, taxpayers and consumers receive the most value for their construction dollar, and all workers, 80 percent of whom are non-union members, are provided equal opportunities to take part in construction work.